Powder and Pigment Blenders

Key Features

  • Developed to process a wide range of granular material from light particle aerosols to heavy pigments and cementateous products.
  • Intensifier Mixer / Dispersers for highly fluidised, fine particle macro-mixing.
  • Plough Mixers for Diffusive Solids Mixing. Cutters, Intensifiers and Dispersers are available for agglomerate particles and powders.
  • Ribbon Blenders for convective solids mixing and blending.
  • Fillworth can also offer powder and solids handling systems to complement any dry blending or mixing operation.


  • Most Solid Granular Products and Powders.


  • 205 - 5,000 Litre
  • Heated / Cooled
  • Vacuum or Pressurised
  • Fully Automated systems available
  • ATEX Rated
  • Constructed in Stainless steel, Carbon Steel and / or Special alloys