Food and Pharmaceutical

Key Features

  • Developed to process a wide range of media and products from low viscosity medicines, aqueous solutions and consumable sauces to high viscosity gels, pastes and dough.
  • Available as single batch mixing machines, flexible change pan systems or in-line, dynamic processing.
  • All of Fillworth’s hygienic mixing machines are configured for full CIP integration.
  • Machines for processing solids, liquids, gas, or any combination of phase mixing.
  • A wide range of mixing techniques are offered as single or multiple tool mixing systems: dispersion, emulsification, multi-phase mixing and blending are examples of some of the challenges undertaken.
  • Machines are constructed throughout in 316L stainless steel. For extreme applications exotic alloys may be used for specific machine elements.
  • Full Validation and Certification, IQ-OQ-PQ is available for all Fillworth Systems.