Key Features

  • Available as a fixed vessel machine, models FMD and HSD are a combination mixer incorporating both the High Speed Disperser and the Helical Anchor stirrer. May be upgraded with the addition of a second High speed Disperser or incorporator resulting in a triple action mixing system.
  • An advance in the paint and coatings industry, the FSRD (Self Raising Disc) has been developed to replace the costly hydraulic lift system in batch machines. Using internal radial fluid force, the high shear disc moves up and down the rotating shaft without a need for complex gland and bellows arrangements.


  • Paints and Surface Coatings
  • Food, Cosmetics and Healthcare
  • PVA ’s, Varnishes and Plastisols


  • 205 - 10,000 Litre
  • Heated / Cooled
  • Vacuum or Pressurised
  • Fully Automated systems available
  • ATEX Rated
  • Constructed in Stainless Steel and / or Special alloys