Key Features

  • Specifically designed to offer batch flexibility.
  • One machine can process multiple batch vessels or “change pans”.
  • The Batchchanger range comprises three basic models.
  • The HSD model is particularly suited to low viscosity dispersions.
  • The mid-range FMD for medium viscosity compounds requiring more sophisticated mixing systems.
  • The top range EMD with full Planetary mixing action for high viscosity pastes and “non-flowables”.
  • The FMD and EMD range can be configured for use with multiple mixing tools for high viscosity pastes, multiphase mixing and contacting, dispersion or emulsification.
  • Tools may be combined to suit any particular application.


  • Most Low to High Viscosity Products.


  • 205 - 1,500 Litre
  • Heated / Cooled
  • Vacuum or Pressurised
  • Fully Automated systems available
  • ATEX Rated
  • Constructed in Stainless Steel and / or Special alloys
  • Change Pan Mixer Press Out Unit


Video Demonstration